About K. Patricia Cross: Speeches from 1963 through 2001

This archive contains 250 speeches by Dr. K. Patricia Cross and seven Cross papers commissioned by the League for Innovation in the Community College.  The speeches are organized by decade beginning in the 1960s and ending in 2001, and within each decade they are placed chronologically.  Viewers can also access the speeches by theme: the Learning Society, Community Colleges, Libraries, and Learning Assessment.  Each speech is about twenty pages long, double-spaced, and all of them can be downloaded. (more)

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All of the materials from the K. Patricia Cross collection.


Covering topics ranging from women in education to student activism, these speeches from 1963-1969 present Cross' research on the changing face of education.


In addition to topics like lifelong learning and the learning society, the 1970s saw Cross continuing to explore her research on the New Student and calling for institutions to adapt to better serve New Students.


In the 1980s Cross' research covered a broad area, including diversity and the changing demographics of the student body, while looking to the future of education.


Building on her experiences from previous years, Cross' speeches from the 1990s return to the topics of the student experience and the role of educational researchers.


These speeches from early 2000 discuss how to create better learning environments for students.

The Cross Papers

The Cross Papers are a series of annual papers that address key innovations and issues in the community college learning environment.  The papers were penned by Dr. Cross following her appointment as a Senior League Fellow of the League for Innovation in the Community College.  They discuss topics pertaining to education in the...

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is a key theme in K. Patricia Cross’ work.  It refers to learning as a “lifetime activity,” or a proactive and continued approach to educating oneself that occurs after traditional education has ended. 

Learning Society

The Learning Society is essentially an entity or community in which learning is pervasive, practiced, highly valued, and depended upon.  The Society has specific ideals, trends, and expectations related to learning and education.  These papers address themes and issues within the Learning Society.

Community College

These papers address various themes within the educational sphere of the community college.  The papers discuss trends, practices, ideas, and purposes of both learning and teaching in this specific educational entity.


These papers discuss topics related to libraries within the wider scope of education.

Learning Assessment

Cross’ papers on learning assessment discuss how assessing education and development can improve both learning and teaching.


These papers address diverse topics and themes in education.



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