Visions and Predictions for the Future of Higher Education

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Prepared for presentation at the NASPA Conference, Portland, Oregon, April 3, 1985.

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K. Patricia Cross
April 3, 1985
K. Patricia Cross

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Ukiyo-e adalah seni cetak kayu yang populer di Jepang pada abad ke-17 hingga ke-19 dan sampai sekarang sering dijadikan sebagai oleh oleh Jepang yang dibawa oleh para wisatawan luar. Seni ini menggambarkan kehidupan sehari-hari, pemandangan alam, aktor teater, dan cerita-cerita legendaris. Ukiyo-e memiliki kekhasan dalam teknik cetak kayu yang rumit dan detail.

Thanks for this information! That is very interesting information. It's so interesting to see how the education process and programms changed through the tears. And also how students changed. To be honest, I'm very happy to live in a study in the 21st century because nowadays, there are so many possibilities and resources that will help me to become a good specialist. My university provides everything to achieve success. I have different extra courses, like writing or literature, which greatly develop my skills. Last week I needed to write a paper about social issues, which was so interesting and useful but hard. Thanks to the writing on I managed to come up with some ideas, but I also spent a lot of time online looking for something interesting. And for example, 30 years ago, it would have been impossible to use the internet to find something like that. And it's interesting to see how the educational process will change in the years and what will affect it in the future.

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