Education for the 21st Century

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Prepared for the IEM Alumni Workshop, Harvard Graduate School of Education, March 30, 1985.  Also presented at the Distinguished Lecture Series, University of Maine, Orono, March 28, 1985, the Earl V. Pullias Lecture in Higher Education at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, March 9, 1985, and at the College of Education Colloquium Series, Bowling Green State University, March 1, 1985.

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K. Patricia Cross
March 30, 1985
K. Patricia Cross

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Great bundle, collection, whatever it is. Education in the 21st century was growing and making an evolutionary step towards higher standards. Thank you for providing this document; I had to write my speech for my high school clients so they can adequately make a presentation about the achievements of the 21st-century education system. I believe that modern civilization depends on education and our civilization results correlate in high percentages of their result to him. So to leverage our progress, we have to invest more in education.

Great essays! Thanks!

Great Thanks for the insights...

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