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Ocho Rios, Jamaica

These slides of housing and population were taken in Ocho Rios, Jamaica in 1982.  Ocho Rios is a town on the northern coast of Jamaica.  It is known most as a tourist location and a port for loading ships with sugar and limestone.  Searches of Ocho Rios on the Internet typically show a beautiful harbor, elegant hotels, lovely beaches, and lots of tourists.  However, the people who actually live in the town are quite poor (or were during documentation).  There is a small middle class of merchants and shopkeepers who service the tourists and town population, but there are lots of poor people who work in those industries for low wages.

These slides look at the housing that surrounds Ocho Rios, from the central business area with shops, to the middle class housing in the residential areas.  Beyond those residential areas, however, is an edge that pushes up against the mountain that surrounds the town.  On the edge is a lot of poor housing that are on hills, and which merge into actual rural housing.

 Slide Organization:

 The slides are organized into five sections: 

 1.      There are two slides of the approach to Ocho Rios.

2.      There are seven slides of the commercial and transportation center of the town.

3.      There are 16 slides of formally-defined residential areas including apartment buildings, single family homes, and new sub-divisions.

4.      There are 13 slides of what might be called the ‘urban edge’, the transition between formally-defined residential areas and rural housing.  Much of the housing on the ‘edge’ is low income.

5.      There are 13 slides of rural housing, predominantly low income households.

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Displaying results 1-26 of 51