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Journalist and newscaster Evan White on his experience covering the 1977 Section 504 Occupation


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 Hello Evan, We were friends briefly in the early 90s. I had called KRON and left a message voicing my concern that they might  be about to follow the trend of other stations at the time of letting go of their established news anchors and replacing them with younger, inexperienced and less personable  “model” types. I specifically told them my concern that they might fire you, referencing your excellent news reportering, professional demeanor and likability. When you heard the recording you called me back. We  only met once but I felt we were, in a way, kindred spirits. You were kind and respectful at a time when you could have exploited my  enthusiasm, which elevated  my respect for you even more. I would love to hear from you as a friend again. Take care, Susannah 

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