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The Poetry Center's dedicated online archive makes available new original video recordings (with audio downloads), plus early original audio recordings from the 1950s onward. Digital documents are drawn from unique original magnetic-tape and film recordings, housed on-site in The Poetry Center's American Poetry Archives collection at San Francisco State University. New recordings are added as programs occur each season, Fall and Spring, in The Poetry Center Reading Series. Historic recordings are added incrementally as digital files are prepared and cataloged from throughout the collection. (more)

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Fall 2021

Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz + Amy Sonnie + James Tracy • Keith Donnell Jr. + Antony Fangary • Mark Nowak and Worker Writers School • Angel Dominguez, with Hannah Kezema + Ronaldo V. Wilson • Jaime Cortez + Camille Roy • jayy dodd + Lourdes Figueroa • Wang Ping + Ava Koohbor • Gary Snyder with Wang Ping • Chris Nealon + Stephanie Young • Chris Nealon,...

Spring 2020

James Cagney + Josiah Luis Alderete • Jennifer Bartlett + Denise Leto • Suzanne Stein + Anne Lesley Selcer • Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network, featuring Viet Thanh Nguyen + Thi Bui + Isabelle Thuy Pelaud + She Who Has No Master(s) + Danny Thanh Nguyen • Cancelled: 11 remaining Spring 2020 events, to be rescheduled for Fall 2021

Fall 2019

Neeli Cherkovski + Jim Dunn • Trisha Low + Syd Staiti • Fay Victor + Myra Melford • Caren Beilin + Amy Berkowitz • Peter Nachtrieb + Guests • Giancarlo Huapaya + Omar Pimienta + José Antonio Villarán, Cardboard House Press • Bao Phi + Sarah Menefee • Raquel Salas Rivera + Vanessa Angélica Villarreal • Tyrone Williams, The George Oppen Memorial...

Special Feature: Black Women in the Archives

Selected by Arisa White , this group of historic recordings features original Poetry Center readings by Ai, Maya Angelou, Gwendolyn Brooks, Lucille Clifton, Jayne Cortez, Wanda Coleman, Audre Lorde, June Jordan , and Pat Parker.  Fourteen featured recordings...

Mazza Writers in Residence

The Poetry Center's Mazza Writer in Residence program is supported by the Sam Mazza Foundation, with the foundation in 2020 having made a ten-year commitment to supporting the program. The weeklong residency, focused on local writers, was begun in Fall 2017 as a pilot project, then picked up a year later to happen each year in Fall and Spring:...

In Common Writers Series

The Poetry Center's In Common Writers Series is supported by the Walter & Elise Haas Fund. The series, taking its initial inspiration from the Thinking Its Presence 2017 conference on race and writing, pairs visiting writers and artists from...

Tripwire Cross-Cultural Poetics Series

The Poetry Center's Tripwire Cross-Cultural Poetics Series, presented in conjunction with Tripwire: a journal of poetics ,  focuses on cultural and poetic work seen from outside narrow nation-state points of view, presenting poets often deeply engaged in...

Poetry Coalition Series

The Poetry Coalition is a nationwide alliance of over 25 literary organizations " working together to promote the value poets bring to our culture and the important contribution poetry makes in the lives of people of all ages and...

George Oppen Memorial Lecture

The George Oppen Memorial Lecture was initiated in 1985, after the death of poet George Oppen (1908–1984), in order each year to explore the life, work, and context of Oppen and his contemporaries. Also featured here are three historic readings...

Poetry Center Book Award

The Poetry Center Book Award has been  presented annually since 1980  by The Poetry Center, San Francisco State University, to a single outstanding book of poetry published in the prior year. Watch video, from recent years, of readings by...

Fiction and Nonfiction

Novelists, short-story writers, essayists: early and recent recordings, from James Baldwin, in 1960 on the art of the novelist, to Sarah Schulman, reading and talking with Terry Castle over half a century later, Jackie Wang debuting Carceral Capitalism , and Frank Wilderson previewing his memoir Afropessimism a year in advance of...

Spring 2019

Jasmine Gibson + Juliana Spahr • Frank B. Wilderson III + D.S. Marriott • Lauren Levin + Melissa Mack • Morgan Parker + Charif Shanahan • Brandon Shimoda + Aisuke Kondo • Maryam Ivette Parhizkar + Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle • R.O. Kwon + Nona Caspers • Feliz Lucia Molina + Alli Warren • Darius James + Val Jeanty • Juliana Delgado Lopera +...

Fall 2018

Forrest Gander • Brontez Purnell + Tommy Pico • MK Chavez + Heather June Gibbons • John Pluecker + Jen Hofer: Antena • Tatiana Luboviski-Acosta + Daisy Zamora + Kyle Parker • Jared Stanley + Steven Seidenberg • M. NourbeSe Philip • Leroy F. Moore + Lisa “Tiny” Gray-Garcia • May-lee Chai + Junse Kim • Janice Lee + Brenda Iijima

Spring 2018

Lewis Jordan Trio, for Langston Hughes • Dale Smith, on Robert Duncan and Charles Olson • Garrett Caples + Julian Talamantez Brolaski • Jackie Wang + Lily Hoang • Solmaz Sharif • David Henderson • Tom Raworth Memorial Tribute • Cosmic Diaspora + Steve Dalachinsky • The Black Aesthetic • James Kass + Paul S. Flores

Fall 2017

Nellie Wong + Genny Lim • Martha Ronk + Paul Vangelisti • Douglas Kearney + Tatiana Luboviski-Acosta • Camille T. Dungy + Javier Zamora • Tongo Eisen-Martin + Marshall Trammell • Dennis Cooper + Eileen Myles • William Rowe + Helen Dimos • Trace Peterson + Max Wolf Valerio • alex cruse + Kevin CK Lo • David Meltzer Memorial Tribute •...

Spring 2017

Charles Alexander + Susan Thackrey • Benjamin Hollander Memorial Tribute • Wendy Trevino + Oki Sogumi • Andrew Maxwell + Hank Lazer • Layli Long Soldier + Truong Tran • Asya Abdrahman + Faith Aidele + Tonya M. Foster • David Boyce + Hafez Modirzadeh + Marshall Trammell + poets, Arcana Boil • Margaret Randall, Eight Decades of Cuban Poetry...

Fall 2016

Tongo Eisen-Martin + Jasmine Gibson • Samantha Giles + Angela Hume • Bill Berkson Memorial Tribute • Jennifer Foerster • Julia Bloch + erica lewis • Florencia Castellano + Luis Felipe Fabre + Pablo Katchadjian, with translators: Señal chapbook series • Lee Ann Brown + Rod Smith • Mg Roberts + Geneva Chao • Carolina De Robertis + Micah...

Spring 2016

Jane Gregory + Vincent Katz + Tom Clark • Annie Finch • Clarence Major + Patricia Spears Jones • Fred Moten + Nathaniel Mackey + Hafez Modirzadeh • Ed Pavlić + David Lau • Elaine Kahn + Trisha Low • Sarah Schulman + Terry Castle • Kuwentuhan (Talkstory): Barbara Jane Reyes + Arlene Biala + Javier O. Huerta + Urayoán Noel + Aimee...

Fall 2015

Robert Dewhurst + Michael Seth Steward, on John Wieners • David Meltzer • Katy Bohinc + Paul Ebenkamp • Michael Gizzi’s Collected Poems • Lucia Berlin’s A Manual for Cleaning Women , a reading • Tony M. Foster + David Buuck • John Keene + Tân Khánh Cao • Poet | Artist | Activist: Let’s Make A Plan, Cassie Thornton +...

Spring 2015

Frank O’Hara’s Lunch Poems 50th Anniversary Reading • Okey Ndibe • Alli Warren • Laura Moriarty • Bill Berkson • Duncan McNaughton • Robert Adamson • Joanne Kyger • Pierre Joris on Paul Celan • Nicole Peyrafitte • Tribute to Kathleen Fraser • Stacy Szymaszek • Peter Culley • Arisa White • Raina J. Léon • Maged Zaher reads Egyptian...

Special Feature: Alice Notley on video, 1976–2016

The Poetry Center compiled its recordings of Alice Notley reading her work across the span of four decades, in conjunction with “Alette in Oakland,” a three-day symposium celebrating the life and poetry of Alice Notley, October 24–26, 2014, that took place at the Omni in Oakland. Those videos are supplemented here by Notley’s November...

1960s Audio Programs

The Poetry Center's 1960s collection represents the transition with the new decade from the era of founding director Ruth Witt-Diamant, with Robert Duncan her assistant, to the emergence of many younger poets destined to become prominent. Striking highlights are several symposia, e.g., James Baldwin on the role of the writer; memorials for...

1950s Audio Programs

The Poetry Center's unparalleled 1950s collection documents at close hand the world-renowned "San Francisco Renaissance" movement, centered on new poetry, alongside the presence of more 'mainstream' figures. This collection features many of the earliest recordings of the voices and works of outstanding poets engaged in the San Francisco scene,...

Alpha Index: Abdrahman to Dungy

Alphabetical index of programs by author surname, subject surname, or program title, A–D. • Index photo: Stefano Harney, Tonika Sealey Thompson, Manolo Callahan, December 4, 2016 (video still).

Alpha Index: Eberhart to Iijima

Alphabetical index of programs by author surname, subject surname, or program title, E–I. • Index photo: Kathleen Fraser, March 22, 2015 (video still).

Alpha Index: James to Myles

Alphabetical index of programs by author surname, subject surname, or program title, J–M. • Index photo: Truong Tran and Layli Long Soldier, March 2, 2017 (video still).

Alpha Index: Nachtrieb to Szymaszek

Alphabetical index of programs by author surname, subject surname, or program title, N–S. • Index photo: Solmaz Sharif, March 7, 2018 (video still).

Alpha Index: Taitano to Zukofsky

Alphabetical index of programs by author surname, subject surname, or program title, T–Z. • Index photo: Frank B. Wilderson III, February 14, 2019 (video still).

Fall 2020

Elizabeth Rosas + Samantha Cosentino + Lillian Giles • Ashley Toliver + Jason Bayani • Prageeta Sharma + Dodie Bellamy • John Yau + Andrew Joron • John Yau + Claudia La Rocco • Bob Kaufman's Collected Poems , a celebration • In honor or Audre Lorde & Pat Parker: Judy Grahn + Jewelle Gomez + Avotcja + Arisa White + Leila Weefur +...

Spring 2021

Uche Nduka + Sophia Dahlin • Fanny Howe + Linda Norton • Vi Khi Nao + Dao Strom • Cristina Rivera Garza + Kit Schluter • Momtaza Mehri + Zoé Samudzi • Denise Riley + Jennifer Soong • Youmna Chlala + Ken Chen • Brontez Purnell + Cisco Guzman + Mason J. + Melissa Merin • Mahogany L. Browne + Christopher Malec + Josiah Luis Alderete + the work of...



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