Josephine Miles: 1954

Josephine Miles lectures on the teaching of poetry.

Originally Recorded By
The Poetry Center
San Francisco State College
Total Run Time
Frank Dollard, Frank Fenton
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  • Frank Dollard introduces Frank Fenton (0:05)
  • Fenton remarks on the history of San Francisco State College and major people in the history of the school (0:45)
  • Frank Dollard introduces Josephine Miles (3:50)
  • Miles' opening remarks, on what is important in poetry (4:55)
  • Miles on the 3 R's; Rhythm, Reference and Reason (7:55)
  • Miles on poetry's directness, the line as the distinguishing shape of the poem, and popular music's use of quatrain form hanging up students writing poetry (11:55)
  • Miles on junior high school students' openness to poetry (15:00)
  • Miles on her own memories of studying poetry, on her early teachers, and on image, metaphor, and symbol (17:20)
  • Miles reads a poem by Yeats, "The Wild Swans" (26:57)
  • Miles on the personal nature of poetry and its asking questions, not answering them (28:00)
  • Miles reads a poem by Yeats, "Her Praise" (31:00)
  • Remarks on Yeats's "Her Praise" (32:10)
  • Miles on the practicality of getting poetry to students (34:30)
  • Miles on evaluation and enjoyment of poetry (36:03)
  • Miles surmises that poetry is an art of making sense (39:00)
  • Frank Dollard gives out room announcements (40:00)

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