Jack Spicer: April 11, 1957

The Poetry Center presents Jack Spicer reading from his poetry.

Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Association, San Francisco
Total Run Time
Originally Recorded By
The Poetry Center

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Hello John, 

I can't see what you're referring to. Penn Sound's Spicer page includes only the "Imaginary Elegies" (for which Peter Gizzi had the sound cleaned up for the Exact Change Yearbook CD) from this original Poetry Center reading. Here, it's all Spicer, reading Spicer, April 11, 1957, at the Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Association in SF, as noted. Each of the poems he reads can be found in One Night Stand & Other Poems, that Don Allen edited, and most are referenced in Poet Be Like God. And this is Spicer, his voice and his work. I've just listened through the full recording again.PS: It could be worth looking at An Ode & Arcadia, Ark Press, 1974, which has poems by both Duncan and Spicer, to see what of Duncan's is there and what of Spicer's. PPS: On our recording of Robin Blaser: March 9, 1967, Blaser reads a bunch of Spicer. Can you point me to the Poetry Center recording where you think any of these [Spicer poems] appear as Duncan's poems, or with Duncan reading them? 

This recording happens to be ROBERT DUNCAN reading poems by Spicer and Duncan himself.If you consult SPICER recordings at PENNSOUND and other Duncan recordings at POETRY CENTER, and consult the indices to Collected Spicer and Collected Duncan, you will discover an overlap of poems being read.

Spicer — Audio Content:  "Song for Bird and Myself"  (not "the Bird")

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