Philip Whalen: December 12, 1956

The Poetry Center presents Philip Whalen reading from his poetry. This event also featured poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

Originally Recorded By:
The Poetry Center
Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Association, San Francisco
Total Run Time:
  • Opening remarks include translation by Guy Wernham from a letter by Antonin Artaud, and his own quest for "speech that will be understood" (00:01)
  • Introduction to "Martyrdom of Two Pagans" with remarks on publication of the journal "Moby" with its contributors including Denise Levertov, Charles Olson, Robert Duncan and others (01:50)
  • "Martyrdom of Two Pagans" (02:55)
  • Introduction to "Sourdough Mountain Lookout" including dedication to Kenneth Rexroth (04:52)
  • "Sourdough Mountain Lookout" (05:45)
  • "What Next" (14:58)
  • Introduction to "Invocation & Dark Sayings in the Tibetan Style" commenting the poem is "for readers of Sir John Woodroffe's books on Tantrism" (16:21)
  • "Invocation & Dark Sayings in the Tibetan Style, I" (16:41)
  • "Invocation & Dark Sayings in the Tibetan Style, II" (17:37)
  • "The First Day of November" (19:36)
  • "The Poets and Prophets on My Floor" (21:19)
  • "Further Notice" (23:16)
  • "Hebrew Variations" (24:00)
  • "Another Small Sermon {a.k.a. Small Tantric Sermon}" (26:25)
  • Introduction to "The Slop Barrel" with appreciations to Mike McClure and Grover Sales (28:50)
  • "The Slop Barrel, I" (29:13)
  • "The Slop Barrel, II" (30:55)
  • "The Slop Barrel, III" (33:25)
  • "The Slop Barrel, IV" (35:06)

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