Philip Whalen: December 12, 1956

The Poetry Center presents Philip Whalen reading from his poetry. This event also featured poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

Originally Recorded By
The Poetry Center
Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Association, San Francisco
Total Run Time
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  • Opening remarks include translation by Guy Wernham from a letter by Antonin Artaud, and his own quest for "speech that will be understood" (00:01)
  • Introduction to "Martyrdom of Two Pagans" with remarks on publication of the journal "Moby" with its contributors including Denise Levertov, Charles Olson, Robert Duncan and others (01:50)
  • "Martyrdom of Two Pagans" (02:55)
  • Introduction to "Sourdough Mountain Lookout" including dedication to Kenneth Rexroth (04:52)
  • "Sourdough Mountain Lookout" (05:45)
  • "What Next" (14:58)
  • Introduction to "Invocation & Dark Sayings in the Tibetan Style" commenting the poem is "for readers of Sir John Woodroffe's books on Tantrism" (16:21)
  • "Invocation & Dark Sayings in the Tibetan Style, I" (16:41)
  • "Invocation & Dark Sayings in the Tibetan Style, II" (17:37)
  • "The First Day of November" (19:36)
  • "The Poets and Prophets on My Floor" (21:19)
  • "Further Notice" (23:16)
  • "Hebrew Variations" (24:00)
  • "Another Small Sermon {a.k.a. Small Tantric Sermon}" (26:25)
  • Introduction to "The Slop Barrel" with appreciations to Mike McClure and Grover Sales (28:50)
  • "The Slop Barrel, I" (29:13)
  • "The Slop Barrel, II" (30:55)
  • "The Slop Barrel, III" (33:25)
  • "The Slop Barrel, IV" (35:06)

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