Robert Duncan: October 10, 1956

The Poetry Center presents Robert Duncan reading from his poetry and a play.

Originally Recorded By
The Poetry Center
San Francisco
Total Run Time
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  • "Preface: Homage to Coleridge" (00:02)
  • "The Green Lady, Ballad from the Homage to Coleridge" (04:50)
  • "Section from the Introduction to 'Letters'" (08:45)
  • "For A Muse Meant {Letters for Denise Levertov}" (11:35)
  • "Upon Taking Hold {for Charles Olson}" (15:32)
  • "Light Song {for Charles Olson}" (18:02)
  • "It's Spring. Love's Spring." (20:42)
  • "Re- {for Mike and Jo Ann McClure}" (22:20)
  • "To Vow" (23:42)
  • "August Sun" (24:58)
  • "Song from The Maiden Head, Part One of Medea at Kolchis" (25:36)
  • Comments on his book in-progress "The Opening of the Field" (28:00)
  • "Often I am Permitted to Return to a Meadow {early version}" (28:16)
  • "But I have learned that I am not a great poet..." (29:06)
  • "The Dance" (30:44)
  • "The Law I Love is Major Mover" (33:44)
  • "The Structure of Rime I" (36:50)
  • "The Structure of Rime II" (38:58)
  • "The Structure of Rime III" (40:12)
  • "The Structure of Rime IV" (41:38)
  • "The Structure of Rime V" (43:15)
  • Introduction to two speeches from the play "Medea at Kolchis: the Maiden Head" and remarks on inspirations for the play in Yeats and Maeterlinck (46:25)
  • "Arthur's speech, from Medea at Kolchis: the Maiden Head" (47:07)
  • "Medea's speech, from Medea at Kolchis: the Maiden Head" (48:45)

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