Robert Creeley: March 16, 1966

The Poetry Center presents Robert Creeley reading poems from his book Words, as well as a long prose piece titled The Lovers.

Originally Recorded By
Gallery Lounge, SFSC
Total Run Time
James Schevill
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  • James Schevill introduces Robert Creeley by reading a short statement on Creeley by Robert Duncan as well as his own statement (00:00)
  • Robert Creeley remarks on the reading in general (00:47)
  • Remarks on "The Rhythm" (01:12)
  • "The Rhythm" (01:39)
  • Stops reading "The Rhythm" and comments on the audience and his excitement (01:55)
  • Begins reading "The Rhythm" again (02:14)
  • Stops reading "The Rhythm" again and comments on "the argument between me and the page" (02:45)
  • "The Rhythm" (03:29)
  • "The Rocks" (04:54)
  • "The Water" (05:43)
  • Remarks on traveling around to readings (06:21)
  • "The Mountains in the Desert" (06:40)
  • "Waiting" (07:18)
  • "The Invitation" (08:13)
  • "The Turn" (09:14)
  • Remarks that he will read something happier and mentions a conversation with he had with Lew Welch; also mentions various painters of his generation including Ellsworth Kelly, Frank Stella, and Larry Poons (10:09)
  • "The Dream" ["Such perfection"] (11:43)
  • "One Way" (14:57)
  • Comments on wanting to read some prose and remarks on his story "The Lovers" (16:18)
  • "The Lovers" (16:45)
  • Remarks on a request he got to read a poem and asks people that are coming into the reading to sit down (34:07)
  • Remarks that he will read two poems similar to the story he just read; mentions the poetry of Stuart Perkoff, Ed Sanders, and Lenore Kandel (35:22)
  • "A Sight" (36:59)
  • Remarks on "Ballad of the Despairing Husband" (38:55)
  • from "Ballad of the Despairing Husband" (39:34)
  • Further remarks on "Ballad of the Despairing Husband" (40:43)
  • Shares a story about a woman in the audience being in the hospital (41:10)
  • Remarks on "Anger" (41:59)
  • from "Anger" (42:20)
  • "The Hole" (43:01)
  • Remarks on and jokes about Fatty Arbuckle, Jack Kerouac, Big Sur, and Neal Cassady (44:43)
  • Gap in original recording; Creeley reads "A Prayer" but it is missing from the tape (46:53)
  • Recording comes back in the middle of Creeley reading "The Flower" (47:07)
  • Remarks on "Distance" (47:25)
  • "Distance" (47:36)
  • "Song" ["What do you"] (51:04)

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