Jack Gilbert: September 25, 1962

The Poetry Center presents Jack Gilbert reading from Views of Jeopardy among other poems.

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James Schevill
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  • James Schevill makes opening remarks on the Poetry Center's 9th year and the poetry and accomplishments of Jack Gilbert (00:02)
  • Jack Gilbert makes introductory remarks (03:48)
  • "And She Waiting" (04:18)
  • Gilbert comments on Italian Rennaissance painter Paolo Uccello and his obsession with perspective. He dedicates "Perspective He Would Mutter Going to Bed" to Robert Duncan (05:23)
  • "Perspective He Would Mutter Going to Bed" (06:22)
  • Remarks on town of San Nicola in Southern Italian region of Puglia as physical background of next poem (08:01)
  • "I'll Try to Explain About the Fear" (09:39)
  • "Before Morning in Perugia" (11:35)
  • "Lions" (12:38)
  • Remarks on the challenge of writing love poems (13:39)
  • "Professional Talk" (14:10)
  • Comments on Kirk Douglas, Marlon Brando, and myths surrounding male cultural heroes (15:29)
  • "The Abnormal is Not Courage" (18:36)
  • "The Plundering of Circe" (21:18)
  • Comments on various methods of making poems (22:54)
  • "On Growing Old in San Francisco" (23:53)
  • "Portrait Number Five: Against a New York Summer" (24:30)
  • Comments on Pluto and Persephone (25:57)
  • "A Family Quarrel in Winter" (26:30)
  • Comments on Perugino, Perugia, and the lyric idealized background (27:34)
  • "In Perugino We Have Sometime Seen Our Country" (28:23)
  • Comments on four poems commissioned for the poetry festival and topics he deems worthy of poetry (29:25)
  • "Singing in My Difficult Mountains" (30:21)
  • Comments on his Don Giovanni sequence (34:04)
  • "Don Giovanni on His Way to Hell I" (35:15)
  • Comments on how whales produce ambergris (36:15)
  • "Don Giovanni on His Way to Hell II" (37:21)

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