John Crowe Ransom: May 1, 1963

The Poetry Center Presents John Crowe Ransom reading a selection of poems

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James Schevill
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  • James Schevill introduces John Crowe Ransom's poetry, speaking on the poetry of his generation and reading from the program for the event written by Randall Jarrell (00:00)
  • John Crowe Ransom speaks on beginning writing poetry, the style and tradition of his poems, and writing principles (04:31)
  • Remarks on "Piazza Piece" and the sonnet form (07:12)
  • "Piazza Piece" (08:13)
  • Further humorous remarks on "Piazza Piece" (09:05)
  • Remarks on "Janet Waking" (09:23)
  • "Janet Waking" (09:44)
  • Remarks on "Vision by Sweetwater" and the poem's relation to actual experience (11:19)
  • "Vision by Sweetwater" (12:46)
  • Further remarks on "Vision by Sweetwater" (13:58)
  • Remarks on the background of "Miriam Tazewell" (14:47)
  • "Miriam Tazewell" (15:37)
  • Remarks on "Of Margaret" (17:13)
  • "Of Margaret" (17:52)
  • Remarks on "Master's in the Garden Again" as a rewrite of his poem "Conrad at Twilight" , speaks on Thomas Hardy, William Booth's book The Rhetoric of Fiction, and ballad measure (19:41)
  • Reads "Master's in the Garden Again" with remarks occuring after many of the lines; remarks included are on topics such as dialogue in poetry, omniscient voice, musical phrasing, and rhyme (24:28)
  • Remarks on "Our Two Worthies" (34:20)
  • "Our Two Worthies" (35:17)
  • Remarks on "Survey of Literature" and rhyming writers' names with "edibles and potables" (37:40)
  • "Survey of Literature" (39:20)
  • Remarks on love poems and "The Equilibrists" (40:51)
  • "The Equilibrists" (41:30)
  • Remarks on "Judith of Bethulia" (45:45)
  • "Judith of Bethulia" (46:16)
  • Remarks on the revision of "Prelude to an Evening," comparing the poem to Edgar Allan Poe's work (49:20)
  • "Prelude to an Evening" (54:44)

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