Diane Wakoski: May 9, 1969

The Poetry Center presents Diane Wakoski reading from The George Washington Poems, The Magellanic Clouds, and The Motorcycle Betrayal Poems, and other works.

Originally Recorded By
The Poetry Center
A&I 109, SFSC
Total Run Time
Mark Linenthal
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  • Introductory remarks chronicling the achievements, publications, and career of Diane Wakoski as well as commentary on poets as aphasics by Mark Linenthal (00:02)
  • Remarks on communication and poetry (04:22)
  • "Rescue Poem" (04:47)
  • Remarks on gender roles, identity politics, and societal rules (08:02)
  • "Sense of the Stage Coach" (09:00)
  • Remarks on the George Washington Poems (13:55)
  • "Sestina from the Home Gardener" (15:03)
  • Introduces "George Washington writes home about harvesting his hemp" (18:11)
  • "George Washington writes home about harvesting his hemp" (18:28)
  • "Black Uncle Sam and Poor Ofay, Me" (19:57)
  • Begins to introduce next poem but realizes her notes are missing (22:28)
  • "With Words" (23:17)
  • Introduces "Ringless" with anecdote about Gary Snyder (25:58)
  • "Ringless" (26:04)
  • Remarks on small press publishing (29:26)
  • "The Magellanic Clouds" (29:57)
  • "I can taste time on my tongue like salt" (34:41)
  • Introduces "In Gratitude to Beethoven" (36:55)
  • "In Gratitude to Beethoven" (37:18)
  • Introduces "Love Letter Postmark Van Beethoven" with joke about being shot in the back (42:08)
  • IntroducesThe Motorcycle Betrayal Poems (42:30)
  • "Love Letter Postmark Van Beethoven" (42:43)
  • Remarks on "The Ice Eagle," Egyptian mythology, and her creative process (46:38)
  • "The Ice Eagle" (47:50)
  • Introduces "Reaching Out with the Hands of the Sun" with brief discussion of rules and epigraphs in poetry (52:33)
  • Epigraph to "Reaching Out with the Hands of the Sun" with quote from W.B. Yeats' "Adam's Curse" (53:37)
  • "Reaching Out with the Hands of the Sun" (54:03)
  • "A Poet Recognizing the Echo of the Voice" in three parts (58:23)
  • "The Isolation of Beautiful Women" with epigraph from an interview with Artie Shaw (59:24)
  • "Movement to Establish my Identity" with epigraph from W.B. Yeats "To A Young Beauty" (1:01:12)
  • "Beauty" with epigraph from W.B. Yeats "For Anne Gregory" (1:02:17)

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