Diane Wakoski: May 9, 1969

The Poetry Center presents Diane Wakoski reading from The George Washington Poems, The Magellanic Clouds, and The Motorcycle Betrayal Poems, and other works.

Originally Recorded By:
The Poetry Center
A&I 109, SFSC
Total Run Time:
Mark Linenthal
  • Introductory remarks chronicling the achievements, publications, and career of Diane Wakoski as well as commentary on poets as aphasics by Mark Linenthal (00:02)
  • Remarks on communication and poetry (04:22)
  • "Rescue Poem" (04:47)
  • Remarks on gender roles, identity politics, and societal rules (08:02)
  • "Sense of the Stage Coach" (09:00)
  • Remarks on the George Washington Poems (13:55)
  • "Sestina from the Home Gardener" (15:03)
  • Introduces "George Washington writes home about harvesting his hemp" (18:11)
  • "George Washington writes home about harvesting his hemp" (18:28)
  • "Black Uncle Sam and Poor Ofay, Me" (19:57)
  • Begins to introduce next poem but realizes her notes are missing (22:28)
  • "With Words" (23:17)
  • Introduces "Ringless" with anecdote about Gary Snyder (25:58)
  • "Ringless" (26:04)
  • Remarks on small press publishing (29:26)
  • "The Magellanic Clouds" (29:57)
  • "I can taste time on my tongue like salt" (34:41)
  • Introduces "In Gratitude to Beethoven" (36:55)
  • "In Gratitude to Beethoven" (37:18)
  • Introduces "Love Letter Postmark Van Beethoven" with joke about being shot in the back (42:08)
  • IntroducesThe Motorcycle Betrayal Poems (42:30)
  • "Love Letter Postmark Van Beethoven" (42:43)
  • Remarks on "The Ice Eagle," Egyptian mythology, and her creative process (46:38)
  • "The Ice Eagle" (47:50)
  • Introduces "Reaching Out with the Hands of the Sun" with brief discussion of rules and epigraphs in poetry (52:33)
  • Epigraph to "Reaching Out with the Hands of the Sun" with quote from W.B. Yeats' "Adam's Curse" (53:37)
  • "Reaching Out with the Hands of the Sun" (54:03)
  • "A Poet Recognizing the Echo of the Voice" in three parts (58:23)
  • "The Isolation of Beautiful Women" with epigraph from an interview with Artie Shaw (59:24)
  • "Movement to Establish my Identity" with epigraph from W.B. Yeats "To A Young Beauty" (1:01:12)
  • "Beauty" with epigraph from W.B. Yeats "For Anne Gregory" (1:02:17)

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