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Tyrone Williams, The George Oppen Memorial Lecture: December 6, 2019

Tyrone Williams presents the 34th annual George Oppen Memorial Lecture, at the...

Aired: 2019-12-06

Bill Berkson, Jim Carroll, Anne Waldman: October 10, 1974

The Poetry Center presents Bill Berkson, Jim Carroll, and Anne Waldman, reading their...

Aired: 1974-10-10

Lorenzo Thomas and David Henderson with Ghetto Violence: March 19, 1976

The Poetry Center presents Lorenzo Thomas and David Henderson, the latter performing...

Aired: 1976-03-19

Pat Parker and Audre Lorde: February 7, 1986

The Poetry Center Presents Pat Parker and Audre Lorde reading at the Women's...

Aired: 02/07/1986