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Pat Parker and Audre Lorde: February 7, 1986

The Poetry Center Presents Pat Parker and Audre Lorde reading at the Women's...

Aired: 02/07/1986

Ai: November 14, 1974

The Poetry Center presents Ai, reading poetry from her book Cruelty, published by...

Aired: 11/14/1974

Tim Z. Hernandez, with Marguerite Muñoz and René Juarez-Vazquez: May 9, 2019

The Poetry Center presents Tim Z. Hernandez, reading and in conversation with...

Aired: 05/09/2019

Wendy Trevino and Oki Sogumi: February 16, 2017

The Poetry Center presents Wendy Trevino and Oki Sogumi, reading and in conversation....

Aired: 02/16/2017

Javier O. Huerta, Lehua M. Taitano, Angela Narcisco Torres: April 21, 2016

The Poetry Center presents the second event of the Kuwentuhan (Talkstory) project, a...

Aired: 04/21/2016

Jazz Symposium on Blues People: March 4, 1965

The Poetry Center presents a Jazz Symposium on Blues People, featuring LeRoi Jones...

Aired: 03/04/1965