Earliest KPIX-TV Clips (1948-1952)

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Our earliest surviving footage featuring Ch.5 KPIX-TV, San Francisco's first television station to go on the air. Covering 1948-1952.

Early Television Camera at KPIX-TV

KPIX-TV footage from c1950 featuring brief views of a television studio camera being moved around and operated at...

Aired: c1950

KPIX Retrospective: 1948-52

Excerpts from a KPIX 20th Anniversary retrospective, which aired in 1968. Begins with footage of the station's...

Aired: c1968

KPIX Teletrips: Behind the Scenes in Studio A (1952)

KPIX-TV Teletrips report with Sandy Spillman featuring a behind the scenes look at how Ch.5 produces a live TV show:...

Aired: 1952

New KPIX Building on Van Ness (1952)

KPIX-TV special report from 1952 with Sandy Spillman at Van Ness and Greenwich in San Francisco, where KPIX's...

Aired: 1952

New KPIX Transmitter on Mount Sutro (1952)

KPIX-TV special report from 1952 with Sandy Spillman on Mount Sutro in San Francisco, featuring views of KPIX's...

Aired: 1952

Philip Lasky On Setting Up KPIX-TV

KPIX-TV special report from 1948 featuring an interview with Vice president and General Manager of KPIX-TV Philip J....

Aired: 1948

Teletours: Behind the Scenes at KPIX (1949)

KPIX-TV Teletours episode from December 1949 with Sandy Spillman in San Francisco, who explains in his introduction:...

Aired: December 1949