Sausalito Houseboat Collection

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Local TV newsfilm and media productions featuring the lifestyle and social impact of Sausalito's houseboat dwellers in the 1960s and 1970s.

Assignment Four - Houseboat People

An incomplete edit of KRON-TV's Assignment Four special report from 1974 by Ira Eisenberg about the houseboat...

Aired: 1974

Coastguard claims Sausalito houseboats are a hazard to navigation in Richardson Bay

KPIX-TV news footage from July 4, 1974 with reporter Lynne Joiner featuring brief views of Sausalito's...

Aired: 7/4/1974

Judge McGuire lifts restraining order on Sausalito houseboat ordinance

KPIX-TV news footage from July 18, 1969 with reporter Belva Davis from the Gate 5 area of the dock at Waldo Point in...

Aired: 7/18/1969

Last Free Ride (A Hip Pirate Movie)

Made in 1974 by independent filmmakers Roy Nolan and Saul Rouda, this film (subtitled "a hip pirate...

Aired: 1974

Sausalito houseboat confrontation and legal fallout

KPIX-TV news footage from June 7 and 8 , 1971 with reporter Pat O'Brien opening with brief scenes from a...

Aired: 6/7/1971

The 'Madonna' houseboat under construction at Waldo Point in Sausalito

KPIX-TV news footage from April 29, 1969 with reporter Dave Monsees featuring extended views of the Madonna...

Aired: 4/29/1969

The houseboat community at Waldo Point (1968)

KPIX-TV news footage from May 29, 1968 with reporter Helen Bentley featuring extended views of the houseboat...

Aired: 5/29/1968

Wanda Ramey visits Sausalito's houseboat community (1960)

KPIX-TV news footage from 1960 featuring scenes of Ch.5 reporter Wanda Ramey interviewing members of the Sausalito...

Aired: 1960