Hayakawa Interview & Colorado student protests, Part I

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San Francisco State College President S.I. Hayakawa is interviewed from the back seat of his car by Claud Mann whilst driving around the city. Hayakawa draws parallels between what he calls "bullying tactics" of campus demonstrators and the National Socialist Party's intimidation of political opposition in Germany during the rise of the Third Reich, explaining: You have to counter gangsterism and violence by counter violence, "There's no other way of stopping it, is there?" There are views of angry demonstrations at the University of Colorado at Boulder, including a scene where a riot policeman wrestles and chokes a young woman on a platform, before dragging her away through an angry crowd (c8:52). Hayakawa gives a press conference in which he informs reporters that students from SF State were allegedly involved in the Boulder college riot and expresses a belief that all current student unrest on US college campuses is linked. He is also seen responding to a BSU press conference about the injury of one of their members on campus, in which he refers to their claims of "white racism" on campus as a "shabby argument." Ends with a representative of the Gator newspaper being interviewed about their need for funds to continue printing and Hayakawa's announcement that a student board needs to be established to recommend guidelines for publications, before he'll release any funds to the Gator.

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