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KPIX's Ed Arnow reports from a Bank of America at 9th & Clement in San Francisco, where Woody Allen is shooting scenes for his new film Take the Money and Run, on July 4th 1968. Allen is interviewed and answers questions staying partly in the character of a bungling bank robber, explaining that: "The point is it's a movie about bank robbery and we had to try and get into a bank on a day it was closed. Otherwise if we tried to rob the bank on a regular business day, there would be too many customers here." This clip also contains excellent footage of Allen's film crew preparing to shoot scenes for the picture inside the Bank of America. Ends with Arnow wrapping up the story by commenting that: "If it took every bank robber the time it's taken Woody Allen to knock off this bank, every bank depositor's money certainly would be safe."

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KPIX Eye on the Bay News
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16mm b&w magnetic sound film
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archival news film
KPIX 35951

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