Dirty Harry Premiere in San Francisco

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Scenes from the benefit world movie premiere of Dirty Harry at Loews Theater in San Francisco, on December 22nd 1971. There are views of crowds cheering in the rain as guests arrive (including Mayor Joseph Alioto) and the film's star Clint Eastwood is seen being interviewed on a podium outside by KPIX's Rolfe Peterson. Also features members of the Progressive Labor Party protesting against the film, one of whom is carrying a sign which reads: "Cops are no pals to Clarence Johnson." Ends with Peterson listing a few of the dignitaries who showed up despite bad weather, before wrapping up the story.

Note: the source for this mp4 screener was upgraded in July 2018. From a 2K film transfer (2048 x1556) which used Digital Ice software and scratch removal to improve the picture quality obtained from the original 16mm positive film print.

Type of material
archival news film
16mm color magnetic sound film
Rights for this video belong to
Date aired
Originally aired on
KPIX Eye on the Bay News
KPIX 107090-2K

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wonderful, thanks for sharing this time capsule!

Watching this news story is like watching a 'totally' different world/ a different planet even.

The hair, the moustaches, the suits - so neat & conservative (No paparazzi or Internet hounds) Wonderful innocent times...

Clint looks like he just stepped off the film set.

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Hi Josh, I used to date your mom.  Tell her hello from Greg in Alaska.

Dirty Harry.... yeah.

I am Rolfe Peterson's grandson.  My grandpa died when I was four years old and I never really knew him.  Thank you for posting this.  It's one of the first times I've seen video footage of him.  If you have anymore, let me know!

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