Muhammad Ali Reflects on the name Cassius Clay

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Muhammad Ali holds a press conference to explain the significance of a recent decision to change his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali, on June 30th 1967. "Muhammad means one who's worthy of all praises and one who's praiseworthy and Ali means the most high. But Clay only meant dirt with no ingredients ... Cassius Clay was the name of the white slave master." He goes on to point out how names are closely linked to stereotypes of both national and ethnic identity and when a reporter ask if he intends to change his name 'legally', Ali rejects the idea that he must ask permission to choose his own name. Please note: different scenes from the same press conference may be viewed in KRON-TV footage shot on the same day.

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Actually Cassius Marcellus Clay was a emancipationist who worked for the abolition of slavery. He freed the slaves that were handed down as his inheritance from his father.Mohammed and Ali on the other and where both slave owners and sold slaves to the British who then brought over to America. 

If Mohameed Ali was against slavery he should have kept his original name.  


He want to stay his profession for that most or the people like his decision.

He was so brash, but he could back it up with his boxing.

He is the best boxing in the dad like him very much

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