Apollo 11 Splashdown Day in Union Square

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KTVU's Claud Mann reports from San Francisco's Union Square, where air raid sirens herald the Apollo 11 crew's splashdown in the Pacific Ocean on July 24th 1969. He interviews several passers-by for their reactions to the historic moon landing: "I'm glad they made it ... I really liked it because I want to pretend in my back yard ... It's been just wonderful, especially in color ... That's groovy ... I think people are apathetic! Where's all the excitement?"

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archival news film
16mm color magnetic sound film
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Cox Enterprises Inc/KTVU
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Wonderful to see the twin archival world pillars of preservation and access honored here. It is very sad the collection remains so small but thank goodness some programming and reports have been saved from senseless loss. I am on a long medical leave but striving toward a doctoral dissertation on the history of radio and TV space exploration and astronomical science coverage from 1923 to the present. It builds on my 2005 master's thesis linked above. I look forward to talking with you. Thanks for your dedication to this endeavor! One correction is needed please on the KTVU-TV 2 SF news report on locals reacting to the Apollo 11 splashdown. The date was Thursday 24 July 1969, one day later than the text states.

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