Speeches and fighting on campus

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A brief glimpse of riot police engaging protesters at San Francisco State College, followed by a speech from a black student complaining that the College authorities are in fact trying to preserve order and injustice on the campus in equal measure. There are views of riot police and students and of an angry student addressing a crowd. President Robert Smith speaks to a belligerent crowd of students, responding directly to a question fired at him from another loud speaker. An angry crowd of demonstrators shout "Pigs off campus!" and riot police take a step back, looking visibly shaken. A melee ensues between police and students, with what sounds like a violent struggle occurring just off camera. President Smith asks for the students to disperse, as many shout "racist!" at him. This footage presents an excellent illustration of the intensity of student protests on campus.

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16mm, b&w magnetic sound film
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archival news film
KQN 128

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