San Francisco State convocation speeches

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A variety of convocation speeches from San Francisco State College are featured. A student calls for the college to be re-opened and for the creation of a college ombudsman. He speaks over a female protester who won't keep quiet. A student panel answers a barrage of questions from reporters and protesters, including those relating to the 10 Demands and the recent recall election. President Robert Smith gives a press conference, dismissing rumors about his resignation and stating the need for great changes within Higher Education. A female student points out to reporters that Catherine Hearst is both a University Regent and the owner of the San Francisco Examiner, citing this as the reason why the newspaper has given them negative coverage. She also claims that the profit margins of the Del Monte Corporation are directly threatened by minority education. A male student states that minority education is against the financial interests of College Trustee Dudley Swim, who is currently able to pay uneducated Mexican-American workers $1.25 per hour.

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