Confrontations & Hayakawa on the sound truck

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Students are seen handing out pamphlets at San Francisco State College and there is a press statement by African-American students regarding the importance of the strike. Students are also featured chanting "power to the people!" Police are shown crowding by the entrance to the Administration Building. After a student speaks to crowds in front of the building, a rock is thrown through a window. Students shout: "pigs off campus!" at police. There are views of student protesters milling around campus. President Hayakawa is heard over the public address system asking students to disperse. He is seen waving pamphlets on top of the sound truck and being mobbed when he gets off. Someone grabs his hat and he is lost from view in a crush of students shouting "on strike, shut it down!" Ends with a besieged Hayakawa on the sound truck, being drowned out by chanting protesters.

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16mm, b&w optical/magnetic sound film
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archival news film
KQN 142

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I recall those times well. It was just after the beatnik movement.Black power,anti-war protesters(Peace Mongers)and draft card burners were seen throughout the city, colleges, and especially in Golden Gate Park. What I found interesting was that a great many people who identified with those movements, were gay, and often held signs saying such. It was changing times that the youth seemed to make the media pay attention to their causes. It's almost like what we are seeing today, originally in N.Y. and now throughout the country fighting against corporate greed and Right-Wing politicians. However, don't watch it from the sidelines... get involved and bring the changes that are needed now, as it was back then.

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