Alioto & Hayakawa press conferences

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A KQED report on the SF State College Strike featuring a press conference with Mayor Alioto in which he asserts: "As long as there is violence … on any campus in San Francisco, it will be the obligation of the San Francisco policeman to put down that violence." There are also views of faculty and students picketing and of the riot police in attendance. There are episodic scenes from a press conference by President Hayakawa, during which he calls college Departmental Heads irresponsible for encouraging teachers to strike and declares: "this college is not a rich man's college … it's a college in which the children of working class people and the children of immigrants get their chance at a college education." Alioto states that: "peaceful picketing is not an offence" and confirms that so far the city has spent $186,000 on maintaining a police presence on campus. Ends with Hayakawa claiming that: "a militant minority of the faculty has hitchhiked onto the militant student, violence-ridden strike, for a vicious power grab."

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archival news film
16mm, b&w magnetic silent/sound film (damaged)
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KQN 188

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