SF State: Skirmishing & Press Conference

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Riot police are seen chasing student protesters around the campus at SF State College, followed by a press conference in which Reverend Cecil Williams declares that President S.I. Hayakawa is perpetuating a racist rule of law by using police to break up the demonstrations. He also believes that Hayakawa must address the: "needs of black people as black people see them, rather than how he imagines them to be." State Assemblyman Willie Brown is seen at a press conference with Berkeley Councilman Ron Dellums and again later moving through crowds toward riot police. Ends with views of skirmishing, arrests and police lines repeatedly advancing on students around the campus.

Originally aired on
KPIX Eye on the Bay News
Date aired
Recording medium
16mm b&w magnetic sound film
Rights for this video belong to
Type of material
archival news film
1968 SF State Student Strike
KPIX 100004

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