KPIX Retrospective: 1948-52

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Excerpts from a KPIX 20th Anniversary retrospective, which aired in 1968. Begins with footage of the station's opening on December 22nd 1948, at their original Nob Hill site in San Francisco (the first station to do so in Northern California). Engineer Alfred E. Towne and others are shown operating broadcast equipment, KPIX personalities (including Ruby Hunter and Del Courtney) are seen at work and there is a brief glimpse of Vice President and General Manager Philip Lasky, accepting an Emmy Award on behalf of the station. This sequence is followed by a KPIX Teletrips segment from 1952, shot on a construction site for the station's new premises at 2655 Van Ness Avenue. Sandy Spillman interviews San Francisco mayor Elmer Robinson and local journalists including Dwight T. Newton, Tom Foster and Terrence O'Flaherty, who reflect on the achievements of KPIX-TV over the previous 4 years and predict how the medium of television will develop within American society. O'Flaherty (Emmy Award winning television critic for the San Francisco Chronicle, from 1950-86) declares that: "Television will undoubtedly be a perfectly polished mirror that will reflect whatever's put in front of it. I hope that the things that are put in front of it will be as perfect as the equipment itself."

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archival newsfilm
16mm b&w magnetic sound film
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KPIX Eye on the Bay News
KPIX retrospective, 1948-52

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I danced on Dottie Hansen's Hi-Time TV show in 1957 when Lowell High School student body leaders were invited to appear. It was an exciting event when TV was young and inexperienced, as were we teen agers - another world, another time it seems. Dottie interviewed me - wish I could see that film!

Dottie Hansen once showed us a 16 mm film her her show.  I think it was called High Time With Dottie.  She became an English teacher in Napa and was my 10 grade English Literature teacher.  She was great.  I'm not sure if she is still with us though.  

A fine, though all too brief, piece of historical footage. I wish this could have continued into the 1960's at least.

In the late '80's, KGO did  a TV special for one of its station's anniversaries. They brought back many of the old Channel 7 personalities and were interviewed by Russ Coughlin. I wish KPIX would do the same.

I know Dick Stewart is living in Sun City, Arizona. How about Deputy Dan and Dottie Hansen? Anybody remember them? And my all time favorite as a kid, Captain Fortune. Does anyone know if footage of his old show exists?

Dennis Caracciolo, Lafayette   


great post indeed!!

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