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Television: The Ultimate Drug


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Watch me as a young man on TV The Ultimate Drug. 

i love it..

I hope you will restore and post some of the Videowest Backstage Pass shows.  I loved watching them when I was in junior high school so many years ago.  Thanks for preserving and posting this material!

I'm so glad to see some VideoWest again; it was so inspirational to me when I was a teenager.

I hope you'll put the "San Francisco Rocks" episode online!  I've probably not seen it since 1980 (1981?).  I think it had Commander Cody, the Dickheads and No Sisters, but it also had some unbelievably catchy song ("2 Up, 3 Down" were in the lyrics) that's been a mystery to me, for like thirty years!  I've always wondered who recorded the song, and if I'd ever hear it again.

Thank you! I loved this program in he 80's and I thought it might have ended up in the dust bin after all these years. I would love to see some of the details of who and what made this very original show possible; for example the host narrators name. I believe it was  Skoop Nisker doing the man on the street interviews. Keep up the great work bringing this show back to life.

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