People's 5: Gay Power

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KPIX's Emmy Award winning People's 5 report with Don Knapp from November 24th 1979, on the lifestyle and and political ambitions of the gay community in San Francisco. Opens with street scenes in the Castro neighborhood and an interview with Cleve Jones, who discusses the potential influence of the gay community on local politics and voting trends. Several lesbians (including Ann Kronenberg) describe the challenges they face being accepted in society and also explain how their priorities and life experiences diverge from those of gay men. Also includes footage from 1978 of a spirited debate between Harvey Milk and John Briggs, hosted by Richard Hart, in which they clash over issues relating to Proposition 6 and the rights of gays and lesbians to teach in classrooms. San Francisco's mayor George Moscone is seen briefly playing basketball in 1978 and discussing what he considers to be appropriate behavior for politicians. Ends with views of a candlelight march from the Castro to City Hall on November 27th 1979 to remember Milk and Moscone, on the first anniversary of their murders.

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KPIX People's 5
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3/4" U-matic video tape
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legacy video tape
Emmys 47

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The opening scenes aren't just in the Castro; there's also footage of Polk Street, which had a gay enclave in 1979 as well developed as the Castro. For viewers interested in learning more about San Francisco's queer history, The GLBT History Museum in the Castro offers dynamic exhibitions and programs — and the archives of the GLBT Historical Society provide extensive historical materials for research. Among other things, the Historical Society now owns the All American Boy sign visible at 1:03 in the video. For more information on the museum and archives, visit

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