Alcatraz development plan press conference

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KQED news report on August 25th 1969 from a press conference featuring an architect and a public official, discussing plans for the development of Alcatraz Island. The public official mentions the Federal government has declared buildings on the island to be surplus and if the City of San Francisco doesn’t assume responsibility for them, they will be offered to private bidders. He explains that: “It has been inherent in my proposal … that this property never leave the public domain. It is too unique a position.” Ironically this statement is made just three months before the American Indian occupation of the island begins. The architect details his plans for the island using maps and models, reminding us that Alcatraz is very small and “would fit inside Aquatic Park!” He also declares that: “If San Francisco doesn’t accept this island, then Joe Doakes can buy it!”

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16mm b&w magnetic sound film
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archival news film
Occupation of Alcatraz
KQN 410

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