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KQED news report from Alcatraz on November 24th 1969, featuring views of the occupying Indians and interviews with spokesmen at Fisherman's Wharf. Richard Oakes tells reporters: "There's a dual sense of justice in this country. We'd like an end to this. And I think this here - manning the island of Alcatraz - is a positive step in that direction. If they're gonna treat us separately, then we'll remain separately." Also see KQN 516 for similar scenes shot by camera crews on the same day.

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16mm b&w magnetic sound film
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archival news film
Occupation of Alcatraz
KQN 516A

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@ Maya - it’s Dennis  Turner 

@Skawennati - I believe Ilka Hartmann has pictures published on the Alcatraz Occupation. That’s the best collection I’ve seen.  Those photographs are a treat! 

Whatever happened to that damn murderer who killed Richard Oakes?? He literally got away with murder!! Morgan still has to pay the price for killing Oakes!! Morgan was only charged with voluntary manslaughter, NOT murder!! As far as I'm concerned, Morgan still should be behind bars!!

The Google Doodle brought me here! 

Who is the other man who is interviewed first, before Richard Oakes?

Very useful information for everyone. Thank you for willing to share insights to me.

Regards Margahayuland

A few years ago, I started doing some informal research on the Indian occupation of Alcatraz.  From my readings, it seemed that there were a lot of reporters around, a lot of pictures taken and film shot. Yet, I found that the number of published photographs was small.  It was difficult to get a sense of the time and place. This footage overcomes that problem.  I was especially loved the shot from the boat of the little house with the big "Indians Welcome" graffiti behind it.  Also, it was great to see the old pickup truck, filled with occupiers, drive by! So exciting! Nia:wen!

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