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Indian proclamation claiming rights to Alcatraz (Updated over a year ago)

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Very useful information for everyone. Thank you for willing to share insights to me.

Regards Margahayuland

It was very exciting to hear Richard Oakes read the proclamation.  Thank you for posting this!

To James, thank you for identifying that student.  Are there any others you recognize? 

the footage about half way through is from the day before, Nov 9, the traditional drum and dancing, that was Adam Nordwall's group, along with some of the students lead by Richard Oakes before they boarded the Monte Cristo and set out for the island when Richard and five other Indian students jumped from the Monte Cristo and swam to the island. The footage of the Indians being found and removed after Richard reads the proclamation is from Nov 10. Although the 'attempt' on the day of Nov 9 failed, 14 Indian students returned to the island later on the evening of the 9th and spent the night there.

The first Indian student is David Leach, son of Stella Leach.

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