Marine Insurance & Dr. LaNada War Jack Interview

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KPIX's Ed Arnow reports from Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco on June 26th 1970. He interviews Don Jelinek - attorney for the American Indians occupying Alcatraz - who explains they intend to bring a lawsuit against the Hartford Insurance Company, for refusing to grant marine insurance for the Bass-Tub vessel bringing supplies to the island. This will be pursued under the civil rights act, on the grounds that insurance is being denied because of political descrimination. Ends with Arnow interviewing American Indian spokeswoman Dr. LaNada War Jack (originally Means) about living conditions on the island, who explains there are approximately 89 Indians remaining on Alcatraz: "We're going to hold out there as long as it takes to maintain our occupation."

Occupation of Alcatraz
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archival news film
16mm color magnetic sound film
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KPIX Eye on the Bay News
KPIX 102445

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I am interested in using this clip with Lanada Means for a documentary I filming in Idaho, with her and her daughter, as they both have their Ph.d'sCan someone please get back to me.Sonya Rosario210-846-6774

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