American Indian environmental festival at Pine Lake Park (KPIX-TV)

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KPIX's Evan White reports from Pine Lake Park in San Francisco on November 14th 1970, where American Indians are holding an environmental festival. Adam Nordwall (Fortunate Eagle) explains: "We, as Indian people, still hold all of the land in California … The Bay is losing ground more and more and it's becoming a cesspool and if we don't save the Bay, the Bay is gonna kill all of us in revenge because of pollution." Also features scenes of crowds enjoying a display of traditional Indian dancing.

Originally aired on
KPIX Eye on the Bay News
Date aired
Recording medium
16mm color magnetic sound film
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Type of material
archival news film
Occupation of Alcatraz
KPIX 103692

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That's Adam Nordwall (Fortunate Eagle)

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