Blacks, Blues, Black! Episode 7 fragment

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Location excerpts shot on 16mm film from episode 7 of KQED's 1968 series Blacks, Blues, Black!, which features Maya Angelou interviewing African American entrepreneurs, asking them about their experience of running a business in the context of civil rights and race relations. Note that the complete episode can now be viewed in DIVA.

16mm color co-magnetic sound film
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KQ 32-1

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11:3816mm color co-magnetic sound film, it is a very nice Sarkari result

Thanks so much for digging up this old show.  It takes me way back into childhood.  I was only about 12 at the time but my mom, sister and I would watch the show every week and wouldn't miss it for anything in the world.  This TV show was my first introduction to the great Maya Angelou.  I have looked for the "theme song" that opened the show for many years but have yet to find it.  Ms. Angelou sang the theme song acapella which was likely Swahili.  Maybe you can include it in future posts.  What a great piece of nostalgia. 

Thanks again.

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