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Ron Dellums: A test of coalition politics


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Thank you for restoring this important documentary film! A pioneer in "social justice", Ron Dellums, a true icon.

We are Honored that our Father, the late George Semper, worked with his close friend Mr. Oliver Moss, as part of the Black Production Unit, in providing the soundtrack for the film!

In memory of Mr. Dellums and George Semper, we're hoping to give back to the cause by preserving the media, stories, and True His Story of these important figures in American - and West Coast - contemporary culture and modern society.

Thanks for your comment Laura. In recognition of this documentary's importance, the TV Archive is working with Image Trends, Inc., on enhanced digital restoration work. This will further increase picture quality and also hopefully remove some deep visible scratches on the moving image, from the latter third of the film.

Thank you for pulling this invaluable documentary from the archives and sharing it with us at the dawn of 2010.  As a child of the civil and human rights movements and student of our history, I am so excited to see and recall the pivotal roles of Dellums and Roscoe, Shirley Chisolm, Diggs, Conyers, Atty. Nate Jones and others in building the foundation for the historic Presidential election we witnessed in 2008.  As a native Washingtonian, I am ever grateful to Dellums for taking up the cause for DC, the last colony, and calling for statehood in '72, even though we're still fighting the same fight today.  When we look at the gentrification and takeover or giveover of the nation's capital to the developers and real estate investors, we see that Dellums statements were prophetic with regards to the racial makeup of the city and resources to aid our development and quality of life, as well as the basic right to vote and be represented by a voting member of Congress. When you look at the hearings he held on the military and his outspoken stance of support for peace and justice, you must also remember how he was vilified for his advocacy and truth-telling by corporate-controlled media.  His coalition politics and forward-thinking and practice of diversity (the composition of his staff said it all) and his unwavering support and philosophy on Shirley Chisolm's run for US President, and his statement that this country will only solve its problems by means of coalition politics helps us understand why Obama is President today.  Whether knowingly or not, he followed in the tradition of what Dellums and Chisolm were doing nearly 40 years ago.  And when you listen to Roscoe at the kitchen table talking politics, you realize that if it had been a different time, when Ron left office, she could have been the perfect one to carry on the legacy on the Hill. The family scenes with the children were wonderful to see.  Finally, this piece demonstrates how one 30 min show can pack so much important history that must be shared with our youth so we can break this cycle of ignorance, poverty-thinking, and injustice. It makes a powerful teaching tool if it is put to use.

Thank you again.

Laura Harris

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