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Brando & Panthers at Bobby Hutton's Funeral


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Amazing blog!

Hello just found your site and Bobby worked with the White Panter Party in Ann Arbor MI,1970's.helped do photography.I am quite sure John Sinclair met with Huey Newton and huey told John he should start a White Panther Party.The rest is history.Power To The People.Johnny.We are all equal.PEACE!


Lil Bobby Hutton wasn't even an adult, when these disgusting beasts ended his life and then the bastards plotted a gun, to say that Bobby was armed.

Nothing has change since that day. Freedom,Justice and Equality is still far from America shores. Peace

Brando was Elvis and the Beatles combined. Whether he played a shirt-tearing Adonis or a weight-bearing godfather, he marked the coming of age of a generation. He was so manly, he sweated diesel fuel.

How great post and great story... Nice to share... :D

Nice to visit DIVA

Sorry to harp on about Brando but Seale (see below) was quoted as saying:" I had always admired Marlon from the time I was 16 and saw The Wild One"The admiration was, for a time at least, mutual. I've come across a great quantity of videos confirming this fact on search on video According to Bosworth's biography Brando asked Seale to look over the script of Burn!.He certainly attended Black Panther secretary (and, lest we forget, a 17yr old boy) Bobby Hutton's funeral saying that Hutton could have been his son. Not all those involved in the struggle for racial equality approved of Brando's intervention. Brando believed James Farmer the head of the Congress of Racial Equality "despised me because I was just another knee jerk white liberal to him." Brando's interest and support for the Panthers seems to have ended in May 68.

What an amazing moment

Charlie - you may have already viewed it but here is a link to another KTVU news clip featuring your dad, from 1967:

carlton cordell is my dad and he passed away in 1996. He was a great guy and it brings back fond memories to see this....

Thank you for making this footage accessible. A very interesting moment in history.

The TV Archive will be working with Image Trends, Inc. early in 2010, to digitally remove the intrusive hairs which appear in the picture above Marlon Brando's head during his speech. These were originally present in the camera when the material was filmed in 1968.

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