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The place for no story


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A childhood friend just sent this to me.  I did a lot of the flying for this film.  Phil and I developed special camera mounts for the Helio Courier Airplane.  We just did it.  When they found out, the FAA just about came apart, but I got them calmed down.  I did much of the SF footage except the obvious helicopter shots, all of the Sierra and Tahoe footage plus Central Valley development and some of the coastal shots.  The Helio was very stable.  I bought another one in 1988 and designed a camera mount based on the one we made for this film.  I asked the FAA about doing it and they said there was no way that they would approve it.  When I mentioned that I had done it before, they found the drawings I made (after the fact) of the one Phil and I made.  Thanks be to someone, but I never put any dimensions on the drawing, so I made the new mount twice as large so we could put Arri 35mm cameras and Betacam rigs on it.  The FAA was happy and so was I.  I ended up working on, "Over California", "Over Beautiful British Columbia" and quit a few other PBS productions.

It was good to see this again. 

Thanks Richard! I'll get the error updated. We've also located a KPIX-TV documentary from the 60s about Robinson Jeffers.

Well, it lives up, or down, to its title: no story. Could have used a bit of subtitling. Some of the screechy noise was bizarre. The nudists were a pleasant surprise.  All in all, very 70s. Put it on wide screen and lite up a joint and drift back 37 years.....

>>>Richard Moore quotes Jefferson directly

he quotes Jeffers.......

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