Black Panther Newspaper

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A KQED News report on the Black Panther Party's newspaper from February 22nd 1970, which opens with members of the African American community expressing their differing opinions about the publication. Also features views of the paper being sold on the street and a warehouse where it's being shipped from.

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16mm b&w co-magnetic sound film
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archival news film
KQN 632

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This was when we black people knew how to speak.  Interesting interviews and footage.

man is only man there should not be different between poor and rich

It's interesting to see how some people were hesitant to speak directly to the reporter. Some were very guarded or ambivalent about their views in the articles. The reporters directness was also abrasive because he was presented a black and white scenario. Either you like it or don't like it... there was little room for anything else. He also asked people within the same area of San Francisco rather than different areas. Still, I would be guarded if asked about it in the same manner back then.

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