Black Panther Rally of Fire

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A KQED News report from San Francisco on April 27th 1968, which features a rally and speeches in support of the Black Panther Party. Muhammad Ali is seen addressing the large crowds, pointing out that: "Those of you who are white … have many white leaders who can speak for you. You have many whites in power who have the billions and trillions of dollars to help you. But Black people also need a spokesman!" Ends with an address to supporters of Huey P. Newton by Bobby Seale.

Type of material
archival news film
16mm b&w co-magnetic sound film
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Originally aired on
KQN 312

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Trying to determine if 5-1-69 date accurately described as January 5 or was in actually May 1?  Was Ali speaking at SF City Hall?I have photos of that day, and the weather looks more like May than January.

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