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Chenega is Gone


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http:/// Thank you for the story, I grew up in Chenega. It's nice to know that there are people still wanting to knopw our stories. Sincerely, Karen Katelnikoff

I have visited the new town of Chenega Bay twice now and it is a very nice village located in a beautiful location in Prince Wiilaim Sound. It's a blessing to see the town and I have grown attached to its history and people. This video is enlightening and very educational.    

Thank you very much for making this documentary available online. I wish more people could see it. Very well done and an important film.

Thank you for making this documentary available on-line. As the anniversary for this tragic event approaches, this tool helps us to commemorate the disaster relief efforts of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the American Red Cross.

Pete Ashen, American Red Cross Disaster Services Manager,

it was so wonderful to see many of my relatives who are now deceased.  the story brought many sad memories as a survivor of the '64 earthquake & tsunami. my love and prayers to all chenegans.


a powerful story - we can not forget our history

More people need to see this. It is shameful that Alaska Native history isn't fully taught in schools today. To know where you want to go in life, you need to know who you are and where you came from. Vechnaya pamyat.

thank you for this story of my home village It was done with the tecnology available at the time and much appreciated put on line.  

I am Ira Van Selanoff.  Thank You

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