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KPIX-TV documentary film produced in March 1970, which features San Francisco's Lowell High School orchestra and their two week concert tour of Japan, climaxing with a special performance on San Francisco Day at Expo '70 in Osaka. A voice over explains that: "This film is an impression of that trip as experienced by the 102 members of the orchestra and their conductor John Pereira." Includes scenes of the orchestra playing on stage, touring Japan, socializing and performing at Expo '70. This film was produced and directed by Jim Crum.

Please note: The first verse and chorus of The Rolling Stones's 1968 hit single 'Jumpin Jack Flash' have been removed from the soundtrack's opening scenes.

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16mm color optical sound film
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documentary film
KPIX 146805

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I'm a Lowell Alumni Class of '93. Throughout my 4 years at Lowell, I was a member of the Lowell Orchestra. For one of those years, I had the pleasure of having Jack Pereira as a teacher/conductor. Mr. Pereira is one of those teachers you never forget. He was a great teacher & conductor. I never knew he & the orchestra of '70 traveled to Osaka & attended the Expo. What an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing this video!

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