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KPIX-TV documentary film from 1963, about the life and legend of heiress Sarah L. Winchester, who financed and built what came to be known as the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California, between 1884-1922. The film is subtitled: 'A legend told by Miss Lillian Gish' and features extended, point-of-view shots taken around the Winchester House, as Gish narrates how Sarah buried her daughter and husband in New Haven, Connecticut and then moved to San Jose in 1884, to begin remodeling what was then an 8 room house. Gish describes how the house eventually grew to accommodate over 150 rooms and reflects on Sarah's eccentricity and how it may have influenced local rumors that she was providing shelter for the ghosts of people killed by Winchester rifles (the family business). This documentary was written and produced by R.E. Pusey, Jr and Ray Hubbard and directed by Dick Williams.

Note that Movette Film Transfer of San Francisco remastered a 16mm positive print of this film in February 2018 in 2K resolution (2048x1556 pixels), using a Lasergraphics film scanner. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

The old film reference number for this film print (standard definition transfer from 2010) was V63839-2.

Type of material
documentary film
16mm b&w optical sound film
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Date aired
Originally aired on
KPIX 147240-2K

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I wonder if that house is haunted or no. Also the movie is very old, filmed 55 years ago. I hope this house will be used at it's deserved price.

i want to go to that house but now i don't want to go to that house because that would be very scary and that would be a good house if it wasn't haunted for like a hotel an that is very crrrrrrreeeeeeeepppppppyyyyy 

Video is just more propaganda ...adding $$ to the pockets of the "amusement park" company that spinned the story, totally disrespecting the true Mrs.Winchester. Work was not 24/7 and a lot of the oddities are related to earthquake damage. The "13" oddities were added to the house after she died. Can u spy 13 holes in all the sinks or just the ones the tours allow u near? If she wanted a chandelier with 13 lights wouldn't she have had one made instead of poorly adding to one she already had? Y didn't she have 13 daisies ...or anything, for that matter, placed on the family tombstone? See the house for its history not the B.S. stories.

I'm obsessed with this house!! so beautiful and interesting.

Love it!


http: I visited the house about 9yrs ago when my husbund and I were in san fransisco.great place to visit. If you get the chance to see this house its worth every penny. You won't want to leave ithttp:

Well, Lynn Swan, since they really want you to visit the house for a $40 ticket, they certainly aren't going to give away a free photo gallery or video! I think this would be the most interesting house to tour!

beautiful house from what I have seen in the documentary. I would love to be able to visit the house maybe spend the night , with other people.

I am Still amazed at this house.I would love the opportunity to explore it . The sad  thing is I am unemployed and have no means to travel to California. To bad that you do not have a series on the house to invite a few people to spend the night , just to see if they see , or film something going on at the house. I would love to take part in something like that.

It Is amazing what goes thru someone's mind.  This house would for sure be an adventure.

That was wonderful. I did not know anything about the history of the house great work !

The early-'60s mood just makes this all the more eerie...

Can this documentary be purchased, by any chance?

i was born in sanjose in 1999 but my parents got in a fight so we moved to lamont. i wish i still live in sanjose because i will go to the house every day or maybe i go in maybe^^

Wow My Class is Ok with the Vid But 30Mins Long tooo long Is there another vid with color?

In the first full biography of Winchester, author and historian Mary Jo Ignoffo learns the truth about this notorious eccentric, revealing that it was not a spiritualist driven mad with guilt, but an intelligent, articulate, who tried to protect his privacy in the middle the chaos of his public existence. And I agree, it was an amazing person to make a wonderful home. It's a shame missed the family legacy. Thanks to CBS for sharing your history file.

I went to see the house two years ago and I've gotten spooked.  I felt there were presence of unseen people.  Ever since, I have hard time sleeping every night and until now I have to keep a lamp lit all day long.  For all of the Winchester Family, REST IN PEACE, AMEN!  

Awesome !!!

This video brings back memories for me, as a young boy we walked through this house before they had started the tours, I could just explore anywhere I wanted to go. It Was Awesome!! I think it was in 1968 or 1969, maybe earlier, it looked just like it does in this video, I remember it being dirty and dusty and smelled dank and moldy, there were hundreds of stained glass windows stacked against the wall in one room with only chicken wire holding them up so they would not fall over.There were still rooms nobody had found yet, because they had walled them in. They knew that they were there because they had measured the circumference of the entire house.When I went back a few years later, maybe early 1970's, it was all painted and cleaned up, everything was trimmed and there were guided tours, I was sad to see it cleaned up, now it looks just like Disneyland.It was so cool as a boy getting to explore a real haunted house, with no one telling you were you could or could not go, This place back in the day made a huge impression on me.Thank you for providing this video



What a shame that this whole story was told and we

never got to see all the amazing and spookey halls

and rooms that are there.  I went through the house

and it was so amazing, there is really no where in

this film  that you see the remarkable insides.  A

story well told, but the true story is the interior of

the house.





Truly a shame. She was a very lonely woman who mourned the loss of her husband and child for a very long time. My great grandmother, after 40 years, still wept when she thought of her husband like it happened yesterdya.

I love this, and some what feel a bit sorry because it's like she didn't know how to spend her time or have anybody to really spend the money on. I will be seeing the house The workmanship has got to be super. I only wish it still had the furnishings she put in it to begin with before they where sold off! 

i love to see that house though it freaks me out

i would love to go visit this mansion been wanting to since i was !5yrs old


very interesting, wondering if in the movie the family that moves there, at the end the wife saw the accident scene that happend earlier in the movie and never told her husband and child so did they move on?? or did they just keep walking as if they thought they were still alive and end just back up to winchwester house? do they now haunt the place as well or what? does stuff still go on there today? me and a few of my friends would love to go over there and see it within a few months or so.

I would not like to live in this house cuz it's so creepy and there have been so many ghost sightings. 

In the past 20 years the exterior of the house has been renovated and painted yellow and red.  I like the old black and white films of the house before the renovation, it's much creepier. 

This was good. I keep seeing stories of the Winchester House on haunted shows. I was at the house circa 1960, and remember it different from what we see now.

There was no furniture,  the only things were a couple carriages on the ground floor in a part of the house by the kitchen, and one room was very nice, a ballroom if I remember correctly.

So, thanks for this video, it proved I do have a memory left :)Its sad to see parts of it all done up with furniture etc. that is not authentic.

Very cool! I worked here when I was a teen/ yuoung adult and my neice worked there when she was a teen, too. Very intersting place to work. One of my favorite jobs :) I often go and take the free garden tour and have brought several friends back there for house tours. Thank you for preserving history!


Amazing to see this footage, back before the modern day construction surrounded the house.  To see it without furniture and many of the windows and doors left open for areal shots is something I've never had a chance to see in person.  As an annual passholder I can tell you that a lot of what is said in this video is mostly rumor spread back in the day, as anyone currently working at the mansion will tell you.  And yet events that did in fact take place were left out.

Excellent narration by Ms Gish

wow,what a beauitful house the woman looked beauitful  i would like 2 c the house but i can't drive

This was an incredible story, well written, and produced in a way that made the house seem even more mysterious.  I have always been interested in the Winchester house, ever since I saw it on an old program called, "You asked for it." And later on "In search of." I wish there was a way to keep this video but alas it probably is copyrighted. Thanks to whom ever had posted this wonderful piece of history.

The fact that this film is in black and white seems to make the whole film

look even creepier.

It is nice I really want to see the house.

Wonderful, although I'd like to see it re-shot in modern, well-lit colour, but still with Lillian Gish's haunting narration.


Lisa L. Selby wrote a biography of Sarah Winchester in 2006 called 'The Inscrutable Mrs Winchester and her Mysterious Mansion'. You should be able to find this book on

Are there any written biographies on Mrs.Winchester of the house?

A very fascinating and informative documentary of this weird mansion - thanks for sharing it!

I want this house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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