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"I'd organize hell." Saul Alinksy


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Interesting to find that KPIX did a documentary about Alinsky.  Today I was looking through my very old color slides and found several I took during an interview with him in the old Van Ness studios.  It was part of the series produced by the Northern California Council of Churches, my employer.  I remember picking him and his wife up at San Francisco Airport and taking them directly to the studio.  Date,  Kodak helpfully dated slides back then.  December 1966.  I call it my "Saul Wants You" photo, he is pointing directly into the camera lens.

very good..thanks for sharing this

I had never really knew what Saul Alinsky was about.  Seems like a timely topic.  Although, he is something of an awkward interview.  John H. Bunzel didn't help much.

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