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The Maze: Haight/Ashbury (Updated three weeks ago)

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Good to see Steohen Gaskin at the coffe shop. Changed and helped form my life. RIP good man. 

Looks like Cindy Williams in the bookstore.

That's Richard Brautigan walking with McClure from 21:52 to 22:45. Brautigan is wearing the same attire on the cover of the original paperback edition of Trout Fishing in America




Lookit all the parking!!!

A pleasant stroll around... I left in the Fall of '66, but the flavor I remember was here (although I wish he'd stopped for a piroshki on Haight at the foot of Clayton... and maybe walked across the panhandle & up to the Blue Banjo, with a stop at Herb Greene's, to see the Famous Wall. I was all about music, though... and McClure is about words. So his walk sufficed.  ^..^

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