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The Maze: Haight/Ashbury (Updated over a year ago)

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Good to see Steohen Gaskin at the coffe shop. Changed and helped form my life. RIP good man. 

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Looks like Cindy Williams in the bookstore.

That's Richard Brautigan walking with McClure from 21:52 to 22:45. Brautigan is wearing the same attire on the cover of the original paperback edition of Trout Fishing in America




Lookit all the parking!!!

A pleasant stroll around... I left in the Fall of '66, but the flavor I remember was here (although I wish he'd stopped for a piroshki on Haight at the foot of Clayton... and maybe walked across the panhandle & up to the Blue Banjo, with a stop at Herb Greene's, to see the Famous Wall. I was all about music, though... and McClure is about words. So his walk sufficed.  ^..^

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