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Bolinas oil spill

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That's how it's done.

Hard work, cooperation ,purpose, and no politicians standing in the way of the task at hand. 

Well done.

I was only 9 years old and sara weston and i rode our ponies down brighton to the beach and saw all of the oil.  I remember spending the next two days laying down straw hay.

a lifelong friend, john b. krause and i were at fort cronkite for twelve days working on just about everything that 'needed doing', haulin birds, berm construction, rescuing a couple of army guys out of the surf , and some 'informal' lodging aquisition from the army. i closed down my shell station in fairfield during our efforts at cronkite. this is the first time i have seen anything about the events of jan & feb of 71, and i cannot help but notice the "SLIGHT" differences between then and now when 300million souls are too busy pointing the finger of blame to actually HELP

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