Bad Moon Rising III

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Excerpts of raw, uncut footage from the KQED documentary Bad Moon Rising, produced by Steve Talbot in 1981, which examines a resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan and racially motivated hate crimes in California. Includes scenes of Klan members socialising in their robes, reading and distributing the publication 'Klansman' and enjoying outdoor entertainment. Talbot interviews different Klan leaders and in response to the question "why join the Klan?" one of them explains: "What other white groups is there that stick up for equal rights for white people ... I figure I'm American, I pay taxes. The Klan ought to have a right to march too ... They're the only ones got enough guts to come out front and tell it how it is." Also features Klansmen discussing communism and integration and other members of the community gathering to express opposition to the Klan and their values.

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16mm color co-magnetic sound film
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documentary film
KQ 737b

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