Bad Moon Rising IV

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Excerpts of raw, uncut footage from the KQED documentary Bad Moon Rising, produced by Steve Talbot in 1981, which examines a resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan and racially motivated hate crimes in California. Opens with brief segment of Talbot interviewing a police officer, followed by extensive street scenes in and around the Mission District in San Francisco. Talbot interviews an African American resident of San Pablo, who describes in detail the 2 years of racial harassment she and her family have endured since moving to the Tara Hills neighborhood. She states: "There were people who came by that hollered 'nigger!' right off the bat you know ... that same night someone wrote 'KKK get out nigger' on the back of my husband's car." She goes on to explain how this racial abuse has had a "devastating" effect on her family, especialy on the children. Ends with a montage of black and white still photographs, featuring images of Klansmen and neo-nazis.

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16mm color co-magnetic sound film
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documentary film
KQ 738-1

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